• Interfacing 7 Segment Display

    Many times we may need to show numbers/alphabets as outputs, 7 Segment Display is a handy device for this purpose.They usually have 8 display elements, 7 for numerics and 1 for dot. 7 Seg Disp are available in Common Anode and Common Cathode Configuration.Read more.

  • Chatting With 8051

    8051 have 4 General Purpose Input/Output ports namely Port 0, 1, 2 and 3. Except Port 0 other Ports 1, 2 & 3 have internal pull ups. Either internal or external pull up resistors keep the port to the defined logic level even if no external devices are connected. Read more.

  • Giving Life To Microcontroller

    The basic circuit of microcontroller involves powering up, crystal & resetting. To begin with connect the Pin 20 GND to ground and Pin 40 to Vcc 5 Volt. Next step is giving heart beat to microcontroller. Read more.

  • Introduction To Microcontroller

    Microcontroller is a fabulous piece of electronics which act according to our instructions. Before it starts following our instruction it needs few basic setup. Setting up the microcontroller hardware is interesting and easy too. Once this is done, microcontroller can do wonders. Read more.

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