Data Science

  • Logistic Regression

    Classification techniques predict smaller set of discrete values as apposed to regression which predicts continuous values. One special case named Binary classification which involves just two classes. To understand internal workings of Logistic Regression algorithm lets use binary classification problem, which can be extended to multi-class easily.Read more.

  • Google Colaboratory

    For most of the Machine Learning enthusiast one of the common road block is hardware capacity. Our daily use Laptop and Desktop are suitable for trivial example, but when trying real example they don't have enough horse power to run the code.Read more.

Data Science

Data Science and Machine Learning algorithms in easy to understandable way.


Efficient programming in R and Interesting applications in other language.


Troubleshooting of electronics gadgets and Do It Yourself projects.


Concepts and design of hardware interfacing of input & output components to microcontroller.