• 8 Queen Puzzle Solution in Python

    8 chess Queens pieces should be placed in an 8 x 8 chess board such that none of the queen is able to attack any of the other queen. Step by step solution approach and python code..Read more.

  • Big Sort – Sorting files in TeraBytes

    The one of the major problem in sorting is holding the data in memory, so let’s read file serially i.e. read line by line, once considerable amount of lines are obtained sort them in-memory and write to separate file.Read more.

  • Online XES Creator

    Online tool to create XES event logs form table based event data. It is simple, No download or complex configurations are required.Read more.

  • Multilingual websites with custom fonts

    In Computer's world everything is numbers, when human wanted to have text in computer, scientist came up with mapping between number and characters. Computer will read numbers where as human will see those numbers as characters.Read more.

  • Dynamic Download Link

    Are you ever wondered how some site generate dynamic links that works for a specific person and for specified time duration. We are going to create such app now!! Read more.

  • Directory listing Web Application

    Directory listing here means a website/web app shows the content of a directory so that user can browse through the content of folders and select the files they want to download. This feature will be handy when list of files for download is high and it gets updated frequently. One simple solution is to enable directory listing feature in web server Read more.

  • R Workspace management guidelines

    R [R Project] is an open source scripting language used for statistical computing and data analysis. Availability of surplus graphics packages helps in visualizing big data graphically. Many vibrant online communities involved in development of packages. This increases the strength of R. Google's R Style Guide defined coding standards.Read more.

  • Pseudo executable for R code

    Command prompt is nightmare for non-technical person or end users; they always expect double click execution applications.Read more.

  • Gnome Linux Desktop Keyboard Shortcuts

    Key board short cuts for Gnome Linux desktops to carry our task quickly and professionally.Read more.

  • Unix commands

    Fundamental Unix commands.Read more.

  • Dos Commands

    Fundamental dos commands.Read more.

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