Web Analytics

Websites are the face of the organization, gone are the days where it is a luxury, now its the entry point of customer. Prospective customer develop opinion about the organization through the websites. So it is important to measure user's subtle reaction when they view the website. We read the unspoken words of your website users.

How it works ?

  • Java Script tag

    Include a simple Java Script <script async src="https://www.satcos.in/pixel/pixel.js"> </script> at the footer of all your pages.

  • Track Pages

    We get an alarm when your pages is being viewed, we store that vital information.

  • Insights

    We process the vital information and arrive at interesting insights.

Insights & Analytics

We provide 360 degree view about your users.
How they react to your Ad camping ? Are they happy with the recent change in site design ?

  • 5,120 Impact of Change
  • 19 Page Segments
  • 2,048 Traffic Trend
  • 4,096 Page views
  • 1,024 Unique Users

We have fully automated Machine Learning engine which extract insights from your user data. In addition our Senior Data Scientist trained from premier institutes spend their extreme effort to get additional insights from your data by continuously improving the Machine Learning Engine. If you have a unique problem, approach us our Data Science team is happy to take up the problem and solve it for you. Periodically we share reports, which help you take your next step on your business. Our reports are comprehensive, it carters from CEO who need a executive view, to BI team who do the detailed planning.

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