Gnome Linux Desktop Keyboard Short-cuts.

Key Effect
Desktop Short-cut
Alt + F1 Activate Menu bar
Ctrl + Z Undo the last operation
Shift + Ctrl + Z Redo the last operation
Ctrl + X Cutthe selected area and store it in the clipboard
Ctrl + C Copy theselected area ino the clipboard
Ctrl + V Paste contents of clipboard at cursor
Ctrl + A Select everything in focused control
Text Editing
Home Start of line
End End of line
Ctrl + Home Start of document
Ctrl + End End of document
Ctrl + <- Previous word
Ctrl + -> Next word
Disk Explorer
Alt + <- Go to the previous location in history
Alt + -> Go to the next location in history
Alt + up or Backspace Go up one level in the navigation hierarchy
Window management
Alt + Tab/Shift + Alt + Tab Switch to next/previous window
Alt + Esc/Shift + Alt + Esc Switch to next/previous window without dialogue
Alt + Space Pop up window menu
Alt + F4 Close focused window
Alt + F5 Restore the focused window to its previous size
Alt + F7 then Arrow key Move the focused windows
Alt + F7 then Arrow key Resize the focused windows
Alt + F9 Minimize the focused window
Alt + F10 Maximize the focused window
Ctrl + Alt + D Show/Hide Desktop
F11 Switch full-screen/normal size
Ctrl + F11 Show the window in full screen mode with no border, menu-bar,tool-bar or status-bar
Shift + Alt + Arrow Key Select between open window
Win + Tab Switch between open window with graphics
Ctrl + Alt + Arrow key Switch between Desktop
Tab Management
Ctrl + T Create new tab
Ctrl + W Close current tab
Ctrl + PageUP / Ctrl + Page-down Go to next/previous tab
Desktop navigation
Alt + F2 Run new application
Alt + F1 Applications menu
Ctrl + Alt + L Lock desktop
F2 Rename file
User interface short-cuts
Ctrl + Alt + F1 to F6 Command line interface 1 to 6
Alt + F7 Graphics User Interface