Dos Commands

ATTRIB displays or changes file attributes
CHDIR or CD displays the name of the current directory or changes the current directory
CHKDSK checks the status of a disk and displays a status report; it can also fix disk errors
CLS clears the screen
COPY copies one or more files to a destination you specify
DEL deletes the files you specify
DELTREIE deletes a directory and all the files and subdirectories that are in it
DIR displays the files and subdirectories that are in the directory you specify
DISKCOPY copies the entire contents of one floppy disk to another floppy disk. It writes over the existing contents of the destination disk as it copies the new information on it.
ECHO displays or hides the text in batch programs when the program is running.
EDIT starts MS-DOS Editor, a text editor you can use to create and edit ASCII text files.
DEL or ERASE deletes the files you specify
EXIT quits the MS-DOS command interpreter and returns to the program that started it, if one exists.
FASTHELP displays a list of all MS-DOS 6 commands and gives a short explanation of each.
FIND searches for a specific string of text in a file or files
FORMAT formats a disk for use with MS-DOS
HELP starts MS-DOS Help
MKDIR or MD creates a directory
MEM displays the amount of used and free memory on your computer
MORE displays one screen of output at a time
MOVE moves one or more files to the location you specify
MSBACKUP backs up or restores one or more files from one disk onto another
MSD Provides technical information about your computer
PRINT prints a text file while you are using other MS-DOS commands
QBASIC starts MS-DOS Qbasic
RD or RMDIR deletes a directory
REN changes the name of the file or files you specify
RMDIR or RD deletes a directory
SCANDISK starts a disk analysis and repair tool that checks a drive for errors and corrects any problems that it finds.
TREIE graphicaly displays the structure of a directory
UNDELETE restores files that were deleted previously by using the DEL command
VER displays the MS-DOS version number
XCOPY copies directories , their subdirectories, and files except hidden and system files.

To get help from the dos window about any of the above command type "/?" followed by that particular command.