Introduction To Microcontroller

Microcontroller is a fabulous piece of electronics which act according to our instructions. Before it starts following our instruction it needs few basic setup. Setting up the microcontroller hardware is interesting and easy too. Once this is done, microcontroller can do wonders. It is assumed that most of us have basic understanding on microcontroller programming so lets concentrate on hardware design for microcontroller projects. Microcontroller kits like arduino, raspberrypi, etc. are available which have most of the hardware components required and they can be used string away in small scale production purposes. Still why we need to know about hardware design? It’s a fun and to become the designer of arduino like kits :).

8051 Microcontroller was introduced by Intel in 1980’s it is a Harvard architecture, CISC instruction set, single chip microcontroller. After almost about 30 years it is still popular among the hobbyist. It is similar to C programming language, it help the beginners to understand the logic and functionality of microcontroller with minimum overhead. Once concept are through any microcontroller can be handled with ease. 8051 is 40 pin IC, 20 pin variants and modified version are also available. Pin diagram of 40 pin varient is shown here.